Cruise History

It's been my pleasure to have been on 43 cruises for a total of 293 days at sea!
Here's a list of all the cruises I've been on, with links to my review of each one

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January 2018 MSC Seaside

The least expensive way we've found to do a 7-day cruise with our own Jacuzzi on the balcony

Ports:  Miami, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Nassau




October 2017 Norwegian Sky

A four-day cruise in the owner's suite with our own Jacuzzi on the balcony and an open bar

Ports:  Miami, Havana




September 2017 Carnival Vista

An 8-day Southern Caribbean cruise in an un-crowded section of the ship for the exclusive use of only 130 passengers

Ports:  Miami, La Romana, Aruba, Curacao




April 2017 Harmony Of The Seas

We sailed on the new largest cruise ship in the world, along with 6,700 other passengers.  It was crowded.

Ports:  Ft Lauderdale, Nassau, St Thomas, St Maarten




January 2017 Norwegian Pearl - Deluxe Owner's Suite

An incredibly luxurious experience in a huge suite with our very own Jacuzzi on the balcony

Ports:  Miami, Ocho Rios, Key West




January 2017 Allure Of The Seas

Our second time on one of the largest cruise ships in the world, but one of the worst cruises we've taken!

Ports:  Ft Lauderdale, Falmouth, Cozumel




October 2016 Viking Star

A very different kind of Caribbean cruise on this brand new cruise line...  and we loved it!

Ports:  San Juan, Tortola, Antigua, St Lucia, Barbados, Guadeloupe, St Kitts, St Maarten, St Thomas




July 2016 Liberty Of The Seas

A 7-day Caribbean cruise that was all about a one-of-a-kind water slide.

Ports:  Galveston, Roatan, Belize, Cozumel




March 2016 Anthem Of The Seas

A 12-day Caribbean cruise sailing out of Bayonne, New Jersey.

Ports:  Bayonne, Labadee, San Juan, St Maarten, Martinique, Barbados, St Kitts




January 2016 Norwegian Escape

A luxurious week in a Haven Spa Suite.

Ports:  Miami, St Thomas, Tortola, Nassau



Private floating resort
November 2015 Carnival Miracle

A 7-day cruise that included one of the best days of my life!.

Ports:  Long Beach, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas



#31 & #32:
Caribbean vacation
September 2015 Carnival Breeze B2B

Perfect weather for a 14-day cruise at the peak of hurricane season.

Ports:  Miami, St Maarten, St Kitts, San Juan, Grand Turk, Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman, Cozumel



#29 & #30:
Caribbean sunrise on Carnival Freedom cruise ship
April 2015 Independence Of The Seas B2B

A cruise that surprised us by being way better than expected!.

Ports:  Ft Lauderdale, Labadee, Falmouth, Grand Cayman, San Juan, St Kitts



Caribbean sunrise on Carnival Freedom cruise ship
February 2015 Carnival Freedom

A rare 12-day Carnival cruise to the Southern Caribbean,
as they repositioned the ship from Ft Lauderdale to Galveston.

Ports:  Ft Lauderdale, St Maarten, St Lucia, Curacao, Aruba, Cozumel, Galveston



Allure Of The Seas Caribbean cruise
November 2014 Allure Of The Seas

Our first cruise with Royal Caribbean,
and our first time cruising out of Fort Lauderdale.
We learned that the largest cruise ship in the world has a lot going for it!

Ports:  Ft Lauderdale, Labadee, Falmouth, Cozumel



Norwegian Getaway Haven Courtyard
September 2014 Norwegian Getaway

Our second cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line,
and definitely the most luxurious of all the cruises we've been on.
We stayed in an amazing VIP area of the ship known as "The Haven".

Ports:  Miami, St Maarten, St Thomas, Nassau



Coral Princess Alaska cruisetour
June 2014 Coral Princess Alaska cruisetour

Our second cruise with Princess,
and my first time cruising with all my siblings.
Stunning scenery, with one photo-op after another.
There's a separate page just about the land portion of the tour.

Ports:  Vancouver, Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Whittier, Talkeetna, Denali, Fairbanks



#23 & 24:
Relaxing in a cabana at Half Moon Cay
April/May 2014 Carnival Glory aft wrap B2B

In many ways, one of the best cruises we've ever been on...
but also featuring the most annoying Cruise Director!

Ports:  Miami, Cozumel, Belize, Roatan, Grand Cayman, Grand Turk, San Juan, Half Moon Cay, St Thomas



Sapphire Princess Terrace Pool
January 2014 Sapphire Princess 4-day

Our first Princess cruise!

Ports:  Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Ensenada



Carnival Sunshine Captain's suite 9115
December 2013 Carnival Sunshine Captain's Suite

The best cabin we've ever been in!
Also, the best Cruise Director: Jaime Deitsch.
Unfortunately, not one of the best cruises we've been on, overall.

Ports:  New Orleans, Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, Cozumel



Aft-wrap balcony room 8455 Carnival Conquest
September 2013 Carnival Conquest aft-wrap

Our first time cruising out of New Orleans.

Ports:  New Orleans, Key West, Freeport, Nassau



#18 & 19:
Carnival Breeze atrium
April 2013 Carnival Breeze B2B

The best ship in the Carnival fleet
and one of the best cruises we've ever been on!
Also, my introduction to those extremely delicious Guy Fieri burgers.

Ports:  Miami, Grand Turk, Ocho Rios, Nassau, La Romana, Curacao, Aruba



Carnival Inspiration docked in Ensenada, Mexico
October 2012 Carnival Inspiration

One of the oldest ships in the fleet, but still full of fun.

Ports:  Long Beach, Catalina, Ensenada



#15 & 16:
A fun day at sea on the Carnival Magic
August 2012 Carnival Magic B2B

Our first introduction to Carnival's Dream-class ships.

Ports:  Galveston, Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Roatan, Belize



Green Thunder Waterslide on Carnival Spirit
March 2012 Carnival Spirit

Featuring the awesome Green Thunder waterslide

Ports:  San Diego, Manzanillo, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Ensenada



#12 & 13:
Carnival Valor
September 2011 Carnival Valor B2B
It was a great cruise, but I did not write a review.

Ports:  Miami, Grand Cayman, Roatan, Belize, Cozumel, Half Moon Cay, Grand Turk, St Thomas, San Juan



#10 & 11:
Carnival Glory cruise ship
March/April 2011 Carnival Glory B2B

Our first Caribbean cruise and our first back-to-back!

Ports:  Miami, Nassau, St Thomas, San Juan, Grand Turk, Cozumel, Belize, Roatan, Grand Cayman



Carnival Spirit in Acapulco Bay Lido Deck at night
January 2011 Carnival Spirit

One of our favorite cruise destinations: Acapulco.

Ports:  San Diego, Cabo San Lucas



Carnival Spirit wedding chapel
November 2010 Carnival Spirit

The second of two group cruises we did with friends from our Cocker Spaniel forum.
Kellyn and I renewed our wedding vows on this cruise.

Ports:  San Diego, Acapulco, Zihuatanejo, Manzanillo



Cabin number 7242 of the Carnival Splendor
February 2010 Carnival Splendor

The first time we ever stayed in a suite!

Ports:  Long Beach, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas



August 2009 Carnival Elation group cruise
August 2009 Carnival Elation
A fun group cruise with some friends from our Cocker Spaniel forum
(I did not post a review of this cruise)

Ports:  San Diego, Cabo San Lucas



Carnival Paradise at night
April 2009 Carnival Paradise

3-day weekend getaway to celebrate our wedding anniversary

Ports:  Long Beach, Ensenada



Carnival Spirit Lido Deck Pool
January 2009 Carnival Spirit

Our first introduction to Carnival's Spirit-class ships

Ports:  San Diego, Acapulco, Zihuatanejo, Manzanillo



Photo of the Norwegian Star pool deck at night
April 2008 Norwegian Star

We liked the idea of Freestyle cruising
but in reality, the NCL experience was sub-par back in those days.

Ports:  Los Angeles, Acapulco, Zihuatanejo, Ixtapa, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo



Swim with Dolphins in Cabo San Lucas
Jan 2008 Carnival Elation

Our return to cruising, after a 12-year break!

Ports:  San Diego, Cabo San Lucas



MS Holiday
June 1996 MS Holiday

Our first cruise!

Ports:  Los Angeles, Ensenada


Cruise totals:

27 Carnival cruises
7 Royal Caribbean cruises
5 Norwegian cruises
2 Princess cruises
1 Viking Ocean cruise
1 MSC Cruise
= 43 total cruises
  181 days on Carnival
54 days on Royal Caribbean
30 days on Norwegian
11 sea days on Princess
10 days on Viking
7 days on MSC
= 293 total days at sea

You only see pictures of 28 cruises up above because six of our Carnival cruises and one of our Royal Caribbean cruises we're actually two cruises, back-to-back

Our Future Cruises

Our next cruise will be a 15-day cruise that will take us from Miami, in to the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, and up the west coast of Mexico before finishing in Los Angeles.  It will be our first time through the Panama Canal, and because we'll be on a really big cruise ship, we'll be going through the recently constructed larger section of the canal.  Every cruise fanatic should probably cruise through the Panama Canal, and this will be my time.

A fun aspect of our Panama Canal cruise is that I'll not only be cruising with my wife, but one of my sisters, too.  So that ought to make the 15 days even more interesting, and provide for a whole lot of interesting conversation.

Another interesting aspect of the cruise is that we'll be on a brand new ship:  the Norwegian Bliss.  We've been really impressed with Norwegian Cruise Line, especially their most recent ships, so I'm very excited to be cruising on NCL's newest ship and looking forward to telling the world all about her.

I actually put together a YouTube video explaining some of the things I'm excited about concerning the new Norwegian Bliss.  Have a look at it:

A vacation we've got scheduled for this Fall is going to be something we've never done before:  we're going to vacation at an all-inclusive land resort in Cancun...  in a room with a Jacuzzi on the patio and a swimming pool right out the back door.  It will be interesting to see if we get bored in a setting where there isn't much more to do than eat, drink, lounge around in the sun or the Jacuzzi or the swimming pool, or sleep.  I think it will be a much slower-paced vacation than we're used to, but I'm looking forward to trying it.

Towards the end of the year we'll be returning to one of our favorite cruise ships:  The Norwegian Getaway.  I found out that a musical artist we like is going to be doing a concert onboard, and when I only half-seriously suggested to Kellyn that we should do the cruise and attend the concert, she actually really liked the idea.  So, we booked it.

And we also have a third NCL cruise booked!  The Norwegian Breakaway has been based in New York City for the last several years, but she'll be moving to New Orleans...  and that's a really fun town to cruise from, especially if you can get there a few days before the cruise and let loose.  So, that's our plan for celebrating our 38th wedding anniversary, next Spring.  I've never sailed on the Norwegian Breakaway, although I've loved all the other cruises we've done with NCL in recent years, so I like the idea of sailing on a NCL ship that we've never been on before.  The fact that our next three cruises will all be with NCL should tell you a lot about how satisfied we've been with them in all of our recent cruises.  On two of those three cruises, we'll be staying in The Haven...  and that is definitely our very favorite way to cruise.  Couldn't afford to do it for the 15-day Panama canal cruise, but it was within our budget to do it on the other two.

I have also already booked a cruise for the year 2020!  That sounds a long way off, but I guess it's not really.  Carnival is bringing their newest, best ship to the west coast:  The Carnival Panorama, a Vista-class ship.  We really enjoyed our cruise in a Havana Suite in the Carnival Vista, and immediately booked a Havana Suite on the Carnival Panorama on the very first day they started accepting bookings!  We gave some serious thought to booking an aft-wrap Havana balcony cabin for $1000 less than the Havana Suite, but after much discussion, Kellyn and I both agreed that we really liked the big shower in the Havana Suite, the swing on the balcony, and the convenient location on deck 5 just steps away from the Havana pool.  We decided that those three factors outweighed a few gripes we had about the Havana Suite during our cruise on Carnival Vista.

There are some other cruises we're looking at, but I haven't booked any of them yet.  Multiple people have suggested to me that, based on what they've read in my reviews, they think I'd enjoy Celebrity Cruise Line.  Celebrity has a new ship coming soon called the Celebrity Edge, and it looks really interesting.  It might be a possibility for us in 2019.  I just worry that Celebrity would be a bad match for me, especially in regards to food.  I like a casual meal, and I loathe the kind of restaurants that you would read about in a "foody" magazine.  I'm happy in one of Jimmy Buffett's "Margaritaville" restaurants.  My impression of dining on Celebrity is that it's sophisticated, fine dining.  Here's a photo from Celebrity's web site:

That's the kind of dining I loathe.  So, that's why I haven't been on Celebrity yet, and maybe never will.  I just wonder if it's possible to have a more casual dinner with more mainstream food items at their buffet.  If you have any experience with the buffets on Celebrity, let me know.

A more likely possibility is a return to Alaska.  I've been thinking about how much I enjoyed our Alaska cruise several years ago, and how much I'd like to ride that White Pass & Yukon Route Railway again in Skagway.  There are several interesting ships I could cruise to Alaska on...  such as the new Norwegian Bliss, or Royal Caribbean's "Ovation Of The Seas"...  a sister ship to my favorite cruise ship of all time, Anthem Of The Seas.  Or maybe it would be fun to cruise to Alaska from San Francisco, where two of my siblings live.  The Grand Princess is permanently stationed in San Francisco and does 10-day Alaska cruises.  It would be cool to cruise out the Golden Gate!

So, there are lots of possibilities for future cruises...  and I'll update this information as our plans become more clear.

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